Feedback from our happy clients

Zdeněk Brázda

Production Manager / VAG s.r.o.

"We have reach out to Lean Experts requesting them to help us restart our 5S program with the team of our new employees. Despite the fact that the training was compressed to 2 days, the workshop run amazingly well in a kind and inspirational atmosphere.

The theory was presented together with clear, real-life examples. The following practical part of the workshop led us to an immediate success and positive outcomes of the individual 5S phases.

Our team was definitely suprised by the result state of the workplace that we were able to achieve so quickly. Thank you for the professional and kind approach when implementing one element of Lean. We look forward to further cooperation.“

Romana Špačková

Chairmen of the Board

Minerva Boskovice a.s.

"Our goal was to setup a pilot assembly location with all 5S elements well implemented. We have reached out to Mr. Vlasac / Lean Experts with this request. 

In first step the team has documented the current workplace and followed with a 5S workshop. Step by step the workplace was improved together with setting up 5S rules and training the employees.  

I can highly recommend the vast manufacturing experience of Mr. Vlasac, his professional approach and ability to motivate our team to initiate improvements.

Milan Rajtár

Managing Director / AVL Moravia

We have cooperated on "Productivity Improvement Project" and "Implementaton of Lean processes" into our  assembly processes.

The project duration was set to 6 months. I can confirm that Mr. Vlasac is a real expert. He is a person that does not work in the "theoretical space", but has personally gone through all levels of leadership in multiple manufacturing companies and therefor gained vast practical experience.

Our project was not only supported on the strategic level (discussions with company management) but also on the practical / daily basis with the shop-floor employees. Here Mr. Vlasac gained an immediate respect. 

We have implemented a) visual boards with projects and their status b) standards for our assembly steps c) concept of shop-floor management d) quick win list in deign, purchasing and 3rd party cooperations.

I would like to highlight the in-depth analysis that proceeded every change and clear definition of actions that needed to be taken while actively engaging the shop-floor employees.

The cooperation was very inspirational and delivered great results to AVL Moravia."

Arno Natter

Director / AWL Czech Republic

"We have been a returning customer of Lean Experts for several years and have been very satisfied with their services. They have successfully supported us in improvement projects as well as training 20% of our workforce to certified Green-belts. I am confident we will remain to be a returning customer for the next several years."