Do You Want To Improve Company Processes?

Get support in the following areas

Projects, Workshops, Trainings

We will help you to boost quality and productivity based on our practical hands-on experience combined with deep knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma tools. 

Interim Management

We can cover your temporary needs for leadership positions within operations, quality, logistics or productions planning and help you to start significant improvements in these areas.

Lean Software

TeamGuru platform can help you to streamline your strategic management processes. Eliminate excel spreadsheets and use modern technologies to make better decisions and prevent problems.


Feedback From Happy Clients

Zdeněk Brázda

Production Manager / VAG s.r.o.

"Our team was definitely suprised by the result state of the workplace that we were able to achieve so quickly. Thank you for the professional and kind approach when implementing one element of Lean. We look forward to further cooperation.“

Romana Špačková

Chairmen of the Board

Minerva Boskovice a.s.

"I can highly recommend the vast manufacturing experience of Mr. Vlasac, his professional approach and ability to motivate our team to initiate improvements.“

Happy Clients Include